Ms Wilson’s cat – Semiotics for 6th Formers.

What happened when we decided to ‘offer’ a compulsory course on big ideas to our 6th Formers on the theme of Order v Chaos? An English teacher got together with a Chemist to produce one half of a lecture about how language apparently helps us to make order out of the chaos of human life.


Here is the lecture I gave: Semiotics .

It would make a good introduction to Linguistics for anyone considering studying it at University, particularly the final slides on which I refer to associated branches of study, although it may amuse and usefully bemuse lower years in equal measure.

This powerpoint will not, however, entirely make sense. You or your students will have to think about it. Apologies to those from whom I have quite obviously borrowed on t’internet. It is, however, totally Bouba (you’ll need to take the lecture to see what I mean, although I hope you’ll have some sense of what mood that might mean ; ) ).


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